A Cigar is not just a Cigar

The sensual flavors from a cigar always swoons me over their beauty and elegance. Sight, touch, smell, taste all form the elegant ensemble. However, there is a delicate line of suffocating our flirtations. We want to maintain their mystery. We need the mystery to evoke the thrill right up to the moment our flame kisses the foot of the cigar and we put it into our lips. This is what makes us love cigars.

Many cigar aficionados are stricken with this romance of the leaf. Our primal instincts pushes us to deconstruct what makes a cigar's chemical build, their creation, their profile. We should instead cradle the romantic essence of each puff we take. The finite moment of smoking a truly great cigar develop stronger and stronger emotions as the ash nears the end. And as we finish our cigars, essentially, we know the romance will continue until a new cigar encounter.

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