Magic Mickey - Time to Buy!

Time to buy Disney! With its focus on Disney+ into international markets, I see Disney's stock to be a strong buy.

The company believes subscriber growth will vary from quarter to quarter and that there is no certainty that Disney+ will be able to regularly come up with big hits. However, the planned expansion in international markets is one key driver in the next year. The streaming service is currently available in over 60 countries and 20 languages, and in the next year, the company plans to expand Disney+ into 50 more countries with the aim of reaching 160 markets by the end of the fiscal 2023!

Disney is heading in the right direction, especially in terms of top-line growth for the company in comparison to 2021. Although don't be surprised, the company will still meet tough challenges, which suggests we need to be patient and focus on the long-term prospects for the company as the entertainment giant shifts its focus to the streaming business. Disney's stock is likely to remain very jumpy in the new year which means better entry prices for those interested in the stock.

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