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What's Your Fortune?

I’d love to say this is a positive perspective on what could be a fortunate turn of events in your life, but it’s not. Chinese food. Yep, that’s it, pretty simple. Maybe not even worth the opinion, but it’s been nearly impossible to find decent places that are worth the money. Money aside, dinner conversation shouldn’t have to be about how terrible the food is. As I struggled to find the bright side of the situation, I realized that at the very least, there was conversation taking place. No phones out, no tv’s playing, just a tiny bit of anger towards the bad tasting food in front of us, and a lot of opinions flowing while we tried to find some humor to this unfortunate dinner. So there’s the thought- I challenge you to start the conversation. Disconnect for a few hours and feel fortunate to be at the table with someone you can complain about bad Chinese food with. There’s the start!

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